SaaS Valuation Model

/ January 31, 2021

How much is your SaaS business worth? Use this valuation model based on SaaS Capital’s research to get a rough estimate, as well as an idea for the main valuation drivers.

Financing With Small Business Grants

/ July 2, 2019

In the never-ending search to raise capital, debt and equity options get most of the consideration. Small business grants provide another possibility.

What is a Quality of Earnings Review?

/ May 17, 2019

Not all earnings are of equal quality. When raising money or selling your business, you’ll likely encounter a quality of earnings review.

What is Dilution?

/ March 18, 2019

A look at basic dilution concepts and some strategies to help founders maintain ownership.

Bootstrapping vs VC Funding

/ March 7, 2019

Is going the VC route better than bootstrapping for SaaS companies? Let’s look at company data to compare bootstrapping vs VC funding.

What is a Term Sheet?

/ February 21, 2019

Fundraising is a priority for any business owner. Before investors hand over their money, a term sheet will be negotiated. But what is a term sheet?

Cap Table Basics

/ January 16, 2019

Business founders will hear the term “cap table” used a lot, especially when it’s time to raise money. Often it’s another term founders have to learn on the fly. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some cap table basics.

Is Service Revenue Included in ARR?

/ December 28, 2018

SaaS companies generally have two types of revenue: subscription revenue and professional services revenue. Find out if service revenue is included in ARR.

Private Company Fundraising in 2018

/ December 21, 2018

Exploring some of the 2018 trends in private company fundraising, including valuations, cash raised, and amount of ownership sold.

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation

/ December 20, 2018

Businesses trying to raise investment capital will eventually hear the terms “pre-money valuation” and “post-money valuation.” But what do these terms mean, and why are they important?