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/ August 24, 2020/ Jay Abraham - Beyond Exponential


Jay Abraham has developed a new 13-week business course titled Beyond Exponential: The Business Bucket List Bonanza. He has a long history of helping businesses in many industries improve performance and increase profits. He’s recognized as the premier marketing strategist by people like Tony Robbins (who he does joint events with).

I enrolled in the pilot program for Beyond Exponential as one of my 2 biggest clients will close on the sale of their business by year end, so I will need to replace those hours.  I learned my lesson 4 years ago when I had a client that was sold for $130M (but no equity!) — I didn’t start building my pipeline until I was almost done. Never again!

I started really focusing on bus dev efforts, and that included watching Jay Abraham videos on YouTube and 50 Shades of Jay. I also get a regular newsletter where he mentioned the Beyond Exponential online class for a beta group.

It was a no-brainer for me to sign up for an opportunity to learn from Jay Abraham! I can’t remember where I learned about Jay originally, maybe Tony Robbins, but I’m very familiar with Power Parthenon, Strategy of Preeminence, applying strategies that work in other industries, etc.

This blog will document my thoughts after each session to hold myself accountable.  So here we go…

Orientation Bonus Session – Aug 10th (I watched via video playback – I didn’t sign up until 8/14)


  1. Action not Education
    • Jay mentioned a number of times that he quit doing seminars. He felt too many people were there to passively learn and not to take action.
  2. Entrepreneur v Proprietor
    • I’m very goal-oriented. I do what I do not just as a job but to help my clients reach their financial goals — and they help me reach mine (Napoleon Hill’s concept of a definite chief aim).
  3. Ideas I had from this session:
    • Blog after each session to document my ideas and actions. Blogging will also provide feedback to Jay and his team, which they’ve requested.
    • One action item: I created a Marketing 20 Actions template to keep me on track. You can see a copy of mine below and can click for your own template. It’s based on Jay’s Power Parthenon concept (if you rotate the template 90 degrees you can see how the boxes resemble columns, with the 20 actions on the bottom). After I put this together, a former client contacted me and I’ve reengaged. I also had a Zoom call with the CEO of a $20M+ organization that was a referral, and he sent me financials and other documents to do a discovery analysis to see if I can help.
    • My 20 Actions

Download 20 Actions Template

Session #1 – August 17th


  1. 3 Ways to Grow
    • Increase # of clients
    • Raise the value / transaction (or hourly rate for service professionals)
    • Increase # of purchases / client
  2. Create an advantage over my competitors
    • I have to add more value than my competitors.
    • For example – read 50 books / year v 5 books most read.
  3. Ideas I had from this session:
    • Keep some time past 1:30 pm CT in case Jay runs over – don’t want to miss ‘hot seats’ with other attendees, which is great learning.
    • Bring the ideas I learn in this 13-week course to my clients.
      • I modified the Marketing 20 Actions template to create a client-focused version (see original version above). I use it to keep track of ideas & action items for each client. (Client name goes in the 5 Categories column.)
    • If I increase my value with ideas above, I can increase my hourly rate $.
  4. When I learn about a new company or do a discovery analysis of a potential client, I always think in terms of their business model. I want to expand on the business model diagram on my SaaS accounting and finance best practice guide, so it is editable like the Marketing 20 Actions template above.
  5. Funnel Vision v Tunnel Vision
    • I can feel my brain opening and my view of what is possible continues to expand (Exponential, not Linear) – ideas are starting to flow since I’m training my brain to look for opportunities (Napoleon Hill again)!
    • Jay brought in a social media expert. He said he will continue to bring in experts from his network to introduce topics and schedule deep dives on Saturday for people that are interested. The follow up emails include the video recording, slides and additional information related to the topics – the access to information is unbelievable.
    • My challenge will be to continually focus on action by prioritizing/narrowing and do only 1 or 2 at a time. The Marketing 20 Actions template (linked above) helps me stay focused.

Session #2 – August 24th


  1. The 9 drivers – change your…
    • Marketing
    • Strategy
    • Business Model
    • Capital
    • Relationships
    • Distribution/Channels/Markets
    • Products/Services
    • Ideology
    • Process/procedures/Systems
  2. Where do I have an absolute advantage?
    • For me it’s technology and transactions. How do I leverage these best?
  3. Homework – How do I leverage OP__ to get $___ value from the class?
    • Need to review the notes of the pages of OP__ ideas!
  4. Ideas
    • How do I generate revenue other than billing for hours?
    • Add a LTV calculator (or link to one) on my blog.
    • I need to continue to work on bigger clients, so I can add more value.
    • Continue to read links in the email with class notes/links. Re-watch the video & consider how I implement in my practice. Jay recommended starting on the easiest to implement and get momentum.
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